Hi All,
I was practicing with a PRS SE (with 9 gauge strings) yesterday for about 30 mins and the next morning I work up with a very sharp pain in my fretting ring finger.

It is sore to the touch and feels like a needle is poking my finger tip. Even with almost 0 pressure when I touch it with my thumb. Its about 1/2 inch below my finger nail.

It's not the skin ....it feels like 1/8th below the skin where I can't see anything.

Is this common? Will it go away? I'm scared to pick back up my guitar, just in case my finger is injured....

i also have a epiphone 339 with 10 gauge strings and this has never happened.
I would recommend seeing a doctor. If you think it's technique-related, you could always shoot a video and post it here for some feedback. Who knows, you might have been doing something wrong all the time. But yeah, just go see a doctor
yeah I currently do not have medical insurance so i dont' want to pay $180 bucks for a visit just for the Dr. to tell me that I need to take Tylenol
This is gonna sound weird, but have you clipped your nails lately? I get what I believe is what your describing in my thumb if I play for a decent amount of time right after clipping my nails, and it usually is gone by the next day. Hopefully that's it, and hopefully it isn't a serious thing, 'cause if it is, I guess I have it, also.
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Could be one of two things (just a guess)

1. Trigger Finger. A condition where your finger locks up and could involve the fingertips.
2. Sometimes, my family members and I will get random hard bumps that are barely visible on the front side of our hands around the fingers or on the tips. Not sure if this condition is even named, but its common as hell.

My advice: Try icing it. See if that helps.
Maybe it's not because of the guitar. You could just have something stucked in your finger. Maybe something stabbed you.
its funny someone mentioned the clipping of the finger nails. I take a multivitamin from gnc called mega man and it causes my nails to grow fast. I think I actually did cut my nails the day I started to get the pain
Well hopefully that's it. It does happen to me, and there isn't anything I can think to do about it, but it ought to go away fairly quickly.
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I am a deathcore musician. I am above mere mortal minds.