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Im just wondering for those of you who know it how long it took to get it to a decent speed cuz im trying to work on my speed on that one ik a shitload of a7x solos but that ones fast as****
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I think that depends on your own personal skill levels.It would be different for everyone.For me personally being woeful at solos maybe four or five lifetimes.
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Depends on where your skill level is at. Took me like 5 minutes tops just then. It's not hard technique wise, just quick.
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Quote by smittyanthrax
I think that depends on your own personal skill levels.
Not only this, but it also depends on how often you actually practice. You can learn how to play it note to note faster if you dedicate enough time practicing it. And even then, it takes longer to master it than to learn it, so there really isn't much of a time frame you can measure on.

And I'm not sure how experienced you are at playing guitar, but if you are having trouble with speed in general, I definitely wouldn't start with that. Just because it has a fast solo (and that's actually not really their fastest, to be honest. ) doesn't mean it's the immediate best thing to practice speed with. In fact, I think everything else within that song besides the solo would be absolutely perfect to practice speed. Especially seeing as it's one of their few songs that uses slower arpeggios.

If you're already capable of playing the whole song but the solo flawlessly at a decent speed, then honestly, I think you're ready to tackle the solo already. But of course, as I said earlier, it takes practice, so don't be too concerned with how fast you learn it. Just take your time to learn it. And don't think slower solos aren't going to help you. Learn those wherever you can, it helps a lot.

And p.s.: I'd say it took me about 3 months to learn it and from there on, I'd say about a full year until I was capable of playing it perfectly without missing a note.

I played on and off between then (more off than on), so it didn't take me exactly that long. But that's a good example of laid back practice time.

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ik a shitload of a7x solos

Missed this part. So yeah. Don't worry how long it takes you to learn it, just keep practicing. And while your at it, you can always get around to mastering the solos you already do know. Like, play them again and again, even if it sounds like nothings changed to you. It may seem like something small and pointless, but I've been doing it for years and I can say for sure it makes you a better guitarist.
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It doesn't matter how long it takes other people, nor does it really matter how long it takes you. All that matters is that you keep working on it until you get there.
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