HI all,

I scalloped the fretboard on one of my guitars, it's an ARIA STG, sort of a strat copy.

However I found that it has fret buzz at many positions, and many notes have bad sustain (maybe less than 2 seconds).

Would you think it's the problem with the frets?
Is is possible to fix this with a scalloped fretboard?
It could be your technique. When you have a normal fretboard you can push down as hard as you like because there's the board stopping from going to far, you don't have that with a scalloped board. So before ripping out all your frets try a lighter touch when playing.
Did you notice those problems before the woodwork? When you scallop a fretboard the trussrod needs to be readjusted. If you haven't yet that may be causing all the fretbuff and poor sustain.

Anyway, a scalloped frettboard can be refretted it's just more expensive.