Ok so im trying to learn Logic Pro 9 and every now and then when I go to edit the effects I have on the track, just one left click will start removing everything, including the I/O part until the track effects are pretty much gone and can not readd them...basically forcing me to close Logic and reOpen...
Did you pay for it? I've never heard of anyone having problems like that before, especially with Logic. If you've got a cracked copy, that's your problem and we don't help people with cracked software (Not trying to be a huge dick, just saying)
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Call off the cracked software Alert!!!It's not cracked, I paid 199$ for it through the app store. Seen a post on Logic's forums but only answer someone got was reboot and hope for the best. Basically a left click sometimes will randomly delete plugin(in effects rack etc), instead of opening the options for it etc.
Ok, so a few things - please list your system spec. (Which Mac, how much RAM/CPU speed, which OS etc.) and then try and detail exactly what happens.

Is it with any plug-in, or just a particular plug-in (or are you in 32-bit mode trying to run 64-bit AUs, or vice versa - maybe the Logic 32-bit bridge is playing up?) and is there any chain of events that always leads up to it?
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imac(snow leopard)
3.2 ghz intel core i3
4g ram

pretty much the entire effects rack to the left where i add the amp sims, its 32 bit version.

chain of events would be clicking on the wav files(in this case just a backing track), the cursor turns a straight line and it sometimes just starts removing things from the effects list. doesnt happen all the time though, tried to reproduce the bug but only seems to happen when im not really thinking about it lol.

I found this on it though, doesnt seem like it happens often to people, but it does to some people and doesnt look like anyone figured out how to fix it:
Hmm, the main thing you and that thread (well, the only person who lists their setup) have in common is using Snow Leopard. Are you likely to upgrade to Lion any time soon? Doesn't appear to be the model/hardware, as that guy is using a Mac Pro and different CPU.

In the mean time, see if you can figure out anything that always causes the error (i.e. a possible chain of events that lead to it) and I would contact the Logic Pro support department for Apple (can't remember, but I think they have a specific customer service email address/phone number for Logic Pro support) and log the problem and see if they have anything they can recommend?

Have you updated Logic Pro at all since getting it, and if so - did it happen before the update, or only since?
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Ya i was thinking it was time to upgrade anyways, worth a shot, no real chain of events as I have barely really scratched the surface of Logic other than loading in amp sims(LOGICS), or POD FARM, and a few guitar effects then eventually the fx rack thing stops functioning. Ya know my usb interface is old too so i probably need to upgrade that aswell...but thanks for pointing out the OS, i completely overlooked that a few versions have come out sense SN.

thanks for the advice.
No worries, and like I said - it may not be, but if there's no new reports on the Apple/Logic forums then it sounds like it could well have been a problem with Logic 9 and Snow Leopard not playing nice together.

As for your interface, as long as it's working for you and there are drivers for whatever OS you choose to upgrade to (Lion or Mountain Lion - although I see no reason not to go straight to Lion if your machine can run it, as I am on ML now and have no problems running Logic 9 with it) then you don't have to upgrade your interface unless you have the cash to spare.
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Purchased and Downloading Moutain Lion...the release notes says a fix for Logic Pro 9:
fixes a bug that causes Logic to become inresponsive with certain Plugins...might be the problem, Logic doesnt allow me to readd any plugins after the bug happens sooo...in 4Gigs worth of a download I'll no for sure!
Well I remember when I was getting used to Logic, I'd always just one-off click on the plugin/sends/ I/O slots which would in a split second select "None" since that's the first option I think. Eventually I stopped that habit and held down the left click to properly bring down the menu.

But really I just use Digital Performer & Pro Tools and avoid the illogical mess that is Logic.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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I had ProTools LE but the disk is damaged...saw Logic in the mac app store and thought what the heck lol. Honestly most of the time i just use Garageband! I'm pretty much just recording myself and like to keep it simple, but if the OS upgrade fixes it I do however fancy LOGICs amp sims. I also own Adobe Audition 3.0 but thats only for windows.
Did you register your copy of Pro Tools LE on Avid's website? If so, you can download it straight from them through your Avid account.
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Glad to hear it has been sorted - must be an issue between Logic Pro 9 and Snow Leopard. I skipped straight from Logic Pro 8 on Leopard to Logic Pro 9 on Mountain Lion so have never experienced issues like that
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