Hey peps!

I have been diving into the world of hard rock lately and i recently found a couple of bands i liked that have a very groovy feel to them.

So, have you guys gotten into some any new rock bands that are more "groove"-oriented as of recently? Or do you have any old favorites in that kind of style?

It'd be nice to get some recommendations, you can never listen to too much music.

The kinds of "groovy" rock/hard rock i'm talking about is stuff like this:

Bands like The Answer, i couldn't find a link for their grooviest song "trouble" but this one got good feel to it.






If a thread like this have already been made then please forgive me, i tried to look through the forum but didn't find anything.
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Check out Primus, Voivod, Faith No More, Dub War and Alice In Chains. If you feeling daring you could go for something a bit heavier like Killing Joke, Melvins or Kyuss.