First of all I'm not sure if this should be in this forum or in the guitar acc. forum.
Anyway, I started playing the electric guitar several years ago, and my parents bought me an old Ibanez S4 for 50euros and a roland cube 30x as a starter gear. Because I still play the guitar, and I'm not planning to stop they partialy payed for a new guitar (a fender tele). The guitar is great, but I'm still playing it through the roland cube... So I'm checking out some amps, like the hotrod deluxe or blues deluxe... But I was wondering, if I have a new, good amp can I use the speaker or other stuff that's in the roland?
Can the speaker been taken out, and then turn into a decent monitor? Because the cube 30x costed 300 euros, would be stupid if I just have to throw it away, or put it somewhere in a forgotten place in the house...

Forgot to say: the speaker is an 1x12 one

Thanks in advance
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