Found this old guitar in a junkyard (well, almost literally) in Italy some time ago, and I've been wondering what it could be. Any ideas?

It says "Made In Japan" on the neck plate (bolt on neck with no adjustable truss road and a strat-like headstock shape, just a little bigger)

there are 500k pots inside, branded "violet", which I wasn't able to find anywhere online.

I am pretty sure this could be a Teisco or Guyatone, but I've never seen any of them with this body shape anywhere, it looks so similar to some Ibanez models like a Jet King or something like that. Pretty sure that this isn't even the original color, the paint job seems really amateurish and "feels" like some previous owner did it.

I think it could be a fun project to try to restore it, but i don't know, in the end the guitar parts, the wood of the body and all seem pretty cheap. The most appealing thing are definitely those gold foil pickups!
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