Hi guys, so my band "Contrition" finally made it (so far) in the music industry. We're a metal band based in Denmark, and just got signed with "Mighty Music" a few months ago, after finishing the recordings of our debut album. I've spent a lot of time on this forum, getting guitar-related advice from all you helpful people, and it has been greatly appreciated. I have a Schecter C-1 FR tuned down to Drop C, with a set of BK Aftermaths installed, which i completely love. Our other guitarist uses a set of Seymour Duncan Blackouts, and they complement each other quite well in the mix (i think). It has been a long and exciting process writing this album, dealing with many challenges both musically, lyrically and personally - with many of the tracks on this album dealing with very personal subjects that have affected the members of the band very deeply. I would greatly appreciate if anyone would take the time to give the tracks a listen, and give some constructive feedback on everything from the sound of the instruments, to the quality of the songs or the album as a whole!

Firstly, the genre is modern metal, so screams & growls are mainly present - and above that, the styles and influences vary a lot, so if you don't like one track, i'd hope that another one would be to your liking. Here's a link to stream the entire album, until it is released in stores across Europe from May 21st.

1. In Distant Lights, modern metal with trash influences
2. Hypothermia, first single of the album, also modern metal
3. Al-kuh-hawl, Hardcore/Heavy Rock tune, upbeat party track, notably also including my solo that i am quite proud of!
4. Sensory Perception, Progressive Metal track containing many elements that show our evolution as a band throughout these past 3½ years!
also the 2nd "single" of the album, and the first music video recorded while in the studio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3XloPefaxg
5. Chaos Reigns, the oldest track on the album, being one that we made early in the band's development, giving an idea of our "old" sound.
6. Nova, last song to be written on the album, was originally planned as a short interlude, but ended up as longer progressive track
7. Surrogate, inspired heavily by the current progressive djent-y movements in modern metal, a very cool track in our opinion.
8. Sunset Burns, also an old track - a metal ballad about love lost. One of our softer songs, with a chorus and ending the punch in with force to compensate.
9. Drowning In Mirrors, fast-paced metal, with sounds somewhat similar to our earlier material.
10. Timeless, Grunge and Progressive metal inspiration, a very heavy, melancholic and spooky song about life and lost hope.

If you find our songs appealing, or if you just want to show some support for an upcoming metal band like us who really want to make it, then you are welcome to buy the track on itunes or at targetshop.dk, And every single person who gives us a like on Facebook is greatly appreciated!