Hi UG,

As you can see from my join date, it has been a time since I started learning the electric guitar and joined UG (same month). In between, there was school and other shit. Now that all those things are over, I want to focus on actually getting good on guitar rather than noodling on it without a plan/goal.

The reasons why I started guitar was Iron Maiden. I was hooked on the trio of guitars. Along the way, I particularly began to like Paul Gilbert's style too. (His stuff are too fast to consider now)

It's been a month since I re-started and I have been revising the old stuff I learnt. Theory, Pentatonic, major and minor scales. Been doing picking exercises to improve coordination and speed.

However when it comes to playing actual music, I have nearly zero knowledge (nothing retained in my long term memory). I cant solo over a backing track or play many songs. What I know are some basic AC/DC songs and a few rhythm parts of other songs.

I am lost with regards to where I need to start and what to ignore for now. What should I focus on now and how do you guys keep track of what you need to learn to get to your goals? (With youtube and the internet, there are so many lessons that I am overwhelmed. It is easy to get lost in all of the info there.)

Thanks in advance guys!
I did something similar. I basically attacked the guitar like I'd never played it. You'll see what you've remembered and what you need to work on then. You'd be surprised at what you have retained once you get going! It's all about unlocking it :-P For playing along to songs just keep practicing and importantly don't give up. If you get frustrated or anything take a break from it! This method worked for me anyway, hope this helps and good luck dude.
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I implore anyone and everyone to check out Pebber Brown on YouTube.(pbguitarstudio.com) He's a sincere as well as excellent source for a pro and a demanding, but well worthy start for a beginner. He has a few hundred videos, most spanning from ten minutes to 2 hours. His videos correspond with his site, which have most scales, chords, and all that he demonstrates and mentions for free. We're only limited by ourselves. If you can apply the discipline and persevere throughout your decided routines, progress is eminent. There is an overabundance of information on the internet, especially music and guitar related, however most of it's bullshit. The aforementioned instructor, I think, is not. What do you want to do with the instrument? How far do you want to take this? How much are you willing to practice? Basic, but essential questions. Most serious guitarists come to the revelation of "practicing" over "playing", but the ascetic, approach, and mindset varies with each person. You're on the right track though. Learn those scales inside out and out, learn the arpeggios, Practice constantly. Learn and comprehend note layout, chords, Learn scale systems! There's a 5 position, 7 position, and 14 position system for scales. Pretty hardcore shit. There's inversions to chords and so on... the amount of knowledge available to us is nearly immeasurable. It's now just a matter of acquiring and applying it. I keep "track" of shit via a note spiral bound notebook. Soloing to backing tracks may be rough at first, but like everything else, the more you do it and the better you understand it, the better your results. Shit loads of practice and just a little bit of music theory goes a long way. There's really no reason not to incessantly and tirelessly strive for what you hope to achieve. I hope this helps! I'm talking like I know something, and I really don't... You can buy scale, theory, and tab books, filter through the shit on the web. If you check out Pebber, I think a lot of your questions will soon be answered.