Hey guys!

I've always been terrified of singing, but since I started playing guitar I've wanted to be able to sing along to my playing. So I think it's time to start working on my vocals.

I've read a bunch of posts on these forums, and the general opinion seems to be that singing lessons are the way to go. And hopefully I'll be able to do that sometime, but right now I'm a poor student, and lessons are extremely expensive where I live.

So I recorded myself singing Wonderwall , and was hoping that you guys would be able to give me some constructive feedback, or just tear me a new one if I'm awful.

Sorry about the quality, recorded it with a phone.
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hah you're pretty good for a beginner. The only thing I would recommend is keeping your voice lighter/smaller. What you're doing in the song is in more of a 'relaxed' position. Singing more relaxed is fine to do and makes the voice seem more natural, but when you have to slide up to the higher notes you'll run into trouble. Don't be afraid to sound more nerdy than the song calls for.