So I want to rewire my stat, but I am not sure how to go about it. It is a 90's squire and I have two Seymour Duncan rails installed and that was around a year ago now and I have realised that I don't actually use the bridge because I only use the neck pickup. So I want to sell it on and replace it with the old single coil, but what I want to do is not wire up the middle pickup or bridge cause I don't use them (plus the middle squeals a lot) so I thought considering the wires inside of the guitar look terrible that I would just rewire the whole thing and make it nice and clean. But considering the guitar is a squire I'm not sure weather to replace some components as well like the potentiometers as I have heard they can suck tone, however I'm not really sure where to start, what wire to use and weather to replace components, I can solder so that is no problem. Any help or tips would be great.

You can take the wires from the middle and the bridge and unsolder them from everything and then tape those two wires together and then taping that to something in the cavity. I would keep the grounds soldered though just to reduce noise.

Also, the correct wire to use is 24 gauge braided, I believe. And I've never heard about replacing pots sucking tone. I don't know where you've heard that from.
Complete overhaul on the electronics. New pots are inexpensive. 5 way switches are also not expensive. stewart macdonald is a great place to get your wire and components. I use them all the time. Or allparts is also good. Should be able to get everything under $20 US.
If you want to only use the neck pickup just wire it to the volume and tone controls then the output.

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If you want to only use the neck pickup just wire it to the volume and tone controls then the output.

Good call. You could buy a blank pickguard and just cut out the neck hole. Maybe leave the switch so you can do the cool "flick the switch" thing when you hold a chord. Get something besides black or white. Would make for a nice, clean UNIQUE look!
Dude! I want to do this now!
I like the wiring idea, unfortunately the pick guard will have to stay the same, maybe another time I will change it but definitely like the wiring idea. Also what pots should I get, 250k or 500k?
250K generally for strat with single coils. A 500K is supposed to make it sound "darker" Also, try to find a linear taper pot for the volume knob. Plain 250K pot is fine for the tone. It does make a difference.
i think i'll get the 500k cause i play metal and have a cool rails in the neck so i think they will work together. just gonna replace the one tone pot cause thats all i will use, i'm pretty lazy with that type of stuff only use one pickup on my SG as well.