I am looking for a song to perform for my music GCSE concert. I need a solo piece (meaning just guitar), which will include the melody and chords in one. Also, I would need a song which is either purely instrumental (no lyrics) or a famous one that is done in such a complicated manner that it doesn't need lyrics. This is simply because my music teacher gets really mad if you cover a song which is also supposed to be sung..

Something along the likes of these suggestions would be nice:

1. http://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=_xFcPshceg01 - don't have time to work this out myself, and there's no tabs available

2. http://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=3jf2FmmdmK4 - gotta pay for tabs. It would take me years to tab this out myself xD

Thanks in advance.
I recommend this if you have at least moderate skill, Fur Elise in Am; the tab is somewhere here on the forum. That might impress your teacher, it's not everyday you see Beethoven played on a guitar. Another good one would be Harry Murrell's transposition of either Concerning the Hobbit, or Skyrim's theme.

Or if you wanna just wow them with percussive fingerstyle, go with drifting by Andy Mckee, that always turns eyes when i play it.

There are plenty of songs you can learn.