I’m looking for a small/portable multi fx unit for travel and quiet practicing via headphones. The options I checked are:

Line 6 Pocket Pod = based on Pod 2, old modeling, don’t like that bean design.

Korg Pandora Mini = like the design and features but demos on you tube sound really bad.

Boss Micro BR 80 = good sounding presets based on GT10, an overkill (it’s also a multitrack recorder with cond. mics and eband player). Great design and high price.

I’d appreciate if someone can point another similar device and share their experiences.
I never owned any of the units above and my opinions are based on net reviews and you tube videos.

I honestly really enjoyed my Zoom G3. It's also nice because you can use it as a tuner, looper, DI, or just a multi-fx pedal on a pedalboard.
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I'd get a Korg Pandora PX4. It has drum/bass backing and the tones aren't bad. Anybody can make any FX sound bad and post on Youtube. The cheapest and smallest would be a Vox amplug. But I like the PX4 better.
I have the boss BR 600 and it works great as a little quiet practice tool. It's one of the bigger brothers to the BR 80. The fact that it's a multitrack recorder makes it really useful for playing along with backing tracks and working out riff ideas.

I'm not sure how the BR80 handles compared to the 600. My old guitar teacher had one (or at least whatever model was analogous to the BR80 at the time) and it seemed to work pretty good. He seemed happy with it. I would go the recorder route if you are just going to be using it as a practice aid.

I actually just checked ebay for prices, and it looks like the BR600 is going for less than the BR80. You could snag a 600 for around 100-150 bucks it looks like. I would go for the 600 myself, as it has actual sliders and would be much easier to navigate with the extra buttons I think.

It does take some time learning how to use the unit though, it is capable of quite a lot and the owners manual is pretty thick. I'm still learning how to use some features on mine.

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