So I was practicing today and getting cocky I played way too fast. I knew I should've stopped a couple of runs earlier but I just kept going. I finally stopped myself and put the guitar down. There was a moderate pain that went through my wrist right then. It wasn't severe but I've never felt it before, that I can remember.

There's not really any pain right now, but my wrist feels a little warn out. Is there any thing I should do right now to prevent anything major from occurring? Obviously I'm not going to over do it again like I did today, and keep working on relaxing while I play. I was going to put the guitar down for the rest of the day and see how my wrist feels tomorrow. Should I take a longer break or am I just being too paranoid?
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See for yourself tomorrow. And in the meanwhile, try not to strain the wrist too much. If the problem still occurs after normal practice, see a doctor.