Hi there,

I uploaded this a long time ago and I think 120 views are way too less. I´m very very proud of my tone. Check my other covers if you like, there are some more coming in the next time.

Hope you like it and tell critcism!

To be honest there was a lot of mistakes and wrong notes played. Overall kinda sloppy and out of sync. The tones were all right the clean tone was pretty good. I'm not trying to rag on you just want you to develop into a better musician, there's definite potential there, I suggest more practice and if your recording and make a mistake, stop and do it again, that's the beauty of recording you can take as many tries as you want as opposed to live preformance where you only get one shot.

Check out my cover of the same song

Well, as I said, it is 2 years old. It was for our graduation party and we were in a bit of a hurry. That explains the sloppiness. In the meantime I developed very much. Im not in this whole metal thing anymore, else Im playing much blues and stuff. And i think this was a really good idea for my playing.

Thanks for the critics anyway!
and nice Tshirt!