I have an esp ltd alexi 600 with an amg alx-f pickup. bought used. ive never had it set up or intonated but it played pretty decent when i got it so i didnt think i needed it. anyways, my problem is i can play pinch harmonics cleanly on every string except the d string. it plays the harmonic for a milisecond and then fizzles out. it sounds like its rubbing against another fret somewhere. so i raised the string height at the bridge more and more in small increments. no matter how far i raise it im getting this same sound. i have newish strings. i also have another guitar (same make and model) set up the same way but for d standard tuning instead of drop c, and the other one does not have this same issue. any ideas whats going on with it? should i just take it in to guitar center and have them set up action/intonate? i just dont know whats wrong with it