Does anyone know where I can buy printed guitar plans/blueprints online in Europe? Not downloadable plans, but an actual hard copy. I've looked and can't seem to find anywhere!
Buy your downloadable plans and get them printed. Just make sure the plans you're buying are the final size you want as the quality will suffer if they have to be blown up too much.

You can get some local printer/copy shop to make hardcopy for you. For my current project I took PDFs to a local printer and got A2 copies for about £1.20 a go.

Or there are online printing services but the postage prices tend to be astronomical. When I looked into it the best I could do was £5 postage plus I had to purchase a poster tube for £4. So when I was only after a handful of copies it didn't make much sense.

These are US sites, but they ship worlwide
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