I have a Jackson Soloist with EMGs and a ESP Horizon with Duncan passives. I want to switch the pickups between the two, so that ESP has actives, Jackson has passives.

1. Is this easily accomplished ?

2. Will I need to buy anything or would all the electronics just simply transfer to each guitar?
im pretty sure you just have to switch the electrocnics

now whether they fit or not is a different question

the EMG migt be a bit to large to fit with the battery compartment and everthing but its not very difficult to get it to fit
The potentiometers are different between active and passives. If they both have 1 vol and 1 tone or the same number of pots it will be easy to switch everything over.

The battery will need to fit in the control cavity. I have not run across a guitar that hasn't had room. I am sure there are some out there. Use foam to stop it from rattling and touching wiring.
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Another question, would switching between an EMG and an SD Blackouts guitar be as simple as just doing the quick connects or do the electronics need to be switched as well?
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Blackouts and regular EMGs can be switched just using the quick connect system, but you do need to reverse one part of it; the SD site explains which and how.
The exception is EMG X-series pickups, which also need the tone control swapped over (or disconnected).

Bear in mind when switching between passive and active, you need to ground (passive) or un-ground (active) the bridge and change the jack and pots.
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