Hey, so I know this is a topic that's probably been beaten to death, but I've tried searching and can't quite find a good answer. I'm primarily a guitarist who's been getting into recording and I want to get a better bass tone than my current solution, a free VSTi. My budget is $300 and I'm not worried about an amp for now since I have a POD HD500 and I've heard that can work for basses as well. I mainly play metal (the tone I'm aiming for is a "modern metal" sound, some examples being Periphery, Uneven Structure, Protest the Hero, Scale the Summit, and Lamb of God). I'm fine with going used (actually a guitar store near me is going out of business and are doing 30-50% everything so that's also an option).

So far from what I've researched I've heard good things about the Ibanez RBX374 and the Yamaha GSR200, are either of these good basses or is there something else more suited towards my needs?

edit: Whelp, I just saw the sticky that details starter basses, sorry, feel free to lock this thread if it's being a waste of space.
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To be honest any brand name bass will do.
So a bass that's $160 and up should be fine, from all the people I've recorded with.
I think it's better to get a bass without active pickups, since I've heard people having trouble with them from time to time.
But I've never had any problems with active bass pickups.

I live in aus so not sure if there available wherever you are. anyway i bought one off ebays for 150 dollars au, played pretty good, but i took the pickups it had out and put a set of dimarzio's in it myself. took about 20 minutes and cost around 200 dollars. it sounds pretty 'meaty' good tone and plays nice. nearly as good as my esp and ibanez that cost 1000 a piece!!
might be the way forward if you want something cheap.

on a side note i got bored the other day and turned it into a fretless. still plays well. not bad for a cheap bass. its called econau !!

good luck finding one
yeah well i got two others that cost a bit and that one was just sitting there so i thought id make myself a fretless, goes alright too
Squier Affinity is a good inexpensive bass, I have one as backup and to be honest I was astounded how good it is. I also have a G&L L2500 and a Mexican Jazz Bass 5 and recently owned a Stingray 5 and a 1965 Fender Jazz Bass so I reckon I know quality.
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the yamaha ( ) rbx 374 is a good bet as is the cheaper rbx 170 or the 270. get out and try a bunch and see what fits your hand best.