I have something I'd like to share

After several months of not playing I ended up getting this at work today!
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In Ivory.

Tiny head on a 2x12 Carvin cab. Still don't know what most of the stuff in back does.

Bought it used but this was still in its plastic.

Happy Thursday..

I had a 5150 combo but got tired of how cumbersome it was. I decided I wanted a head and 212cab setup.
So I got a Carvin Legacy 212, sold my amp, and started browsing.
I knew I wanted something with High gain. I know what I enjoy playing. I know what I like. I'm not going to mess with that.
I did look into a few other amps I was only able to play this one and was iffy on getting something that I couldn't play in person. I'm less bothered by that now but I think that's only becuase I usually buy used and if I don't like it I can fins someone that does.
Setup right after unboxing was 6 all the way down with the exception of the volume. I only have a basic setup right now.

-it was a Schecter damien fr>evh50watt>carvin legacy212 (V30s).
I really only played a few minutes and didn't have time to mess with it too much. The clean channel was nice. Not a whole lot nicer than my 5150 combo but nice enough. They weren't chimey or bright cleans like I thought they would be. I didn't really EQ the first two channels much so maybe thats why channel one and two sounded flat.
I only played the crunch channel (it was blue I think) for literally :30 seconcds. I feel like it was exactly how everyone described it to be. EVH's crunch channel. it does that and does it pretty good. Even with the EQ so flat.
Channel three is the one I was most interested in and as a result I spend most time here.

The red channel gets super tight. Not in an oversompressed way but a good solid tight. It seems more 'Highs' sensitive, if that makes any sense. Using turning up the lows made it more thump but didn't really seem to push the low end all that much. I was able to get a full, thicker sounding tone but kindof muddy.
All that being said, It was hard to find a 'bad' tone. Everything I EQed had a decent sound to it. This coming weekend I plan on spending a bit more time with it and sharing what find.

I apologize if this isn't much of a review. I didn't spend as much time with it as I would have liked but I will this coming weekend. I just wanted to share my first impressions.

If anyone has any questions I'll answer what I can
**** yeah buddy! HNAD !
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I love all the 50W 5153 NADs lately. Errybody be gettin' great tone.
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I think i was more stoked by seeing the Makers Mark whisky instead of the amp... HNAD
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Nice score man, HNAD! I see you got the white! I got mine recently, but I went for the black as I have a black cab. Just a little OCD I suppose

Seriously push the mids on this amp. As you said you can't really get a bad tone from the EQing, but pushing the mids is one of the best things you can do with channel 3, and 2.
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a 5153 AND a Gamecube in the same picture!?!?! It's too much epicness to handle. HNAD
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Sweet gamecube! Congrats on the amp too, I need to try one of these again. I played through the 5150III at Download Donington Festival in 2007/2008 ish, they had one there in a truck/tent/trailer thing for people to play as a promotion for the release of the amp. I just don't remember it, I was drunk off my face and just remember telling the guy working for the promo team that It didn't sound as good as my original 5150 (which is funny because the state I was in I've no idea how I could come to any conclusion on it.

Saw my mates band a few weeks back the rhythm guitarist used one (was a 5150III mini this time) and I really didn't like it while they were sound checking, on it's own it had a boxy super compressed and strange (but very unique) tone, but when they played together it really locked in well with the rhythm section and sounded fantastic, the lead guitarist was using a 6505 and they worked well together!

Cool amp anyway, I'd love to try one again while I'm sober.
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you guys seem more excited to see the whiskey

So I played with the blue channel for a bit today after work and it was awesome. Yesterday I was worried about how much the 'highs' drive the amp. I thought if I tried to get sufficient crunch it would end up too brittle and shrill sounding. I messed with the EQ and Lavatain was right about the mids. I had them a little before noone yesterday and it made it sound nice and tight but compressed too. Then today I had them at 4ish and I got a cool thick, full sound. I liked it a lot.
I don't really know how to compare it my 5150. It definitely doesn't have the oomph of the peavey. It sounds a bit more "together" though. I'd like to get a nicer guitar, I feel like I'm missing quite a bit of what it has to offer.

played on the channel 3 for a bit. I might have found a good high gain sound I like for now. Again, I was woried about it perhaps being to thin or brittle but I got full sounding stuff. The peavey was warmer though.
I'll play with it after work tomorrow and see what else I can do with it.

I wouldn't have been opoosed to a black one. This one just happened to be the one I got. I found one at good price but the face of the amp was red, white, and black.

Gamecube rocks. now I that I have an amp I have no excuse not to learn Epona's song.