The overwhelming majority of programming on channel 7 full stop and channel 9 and ten during prime time in Australia. They're obviously pitching to the lowest intelligence denominator in society, that's both upsetting and as such bores me to tears so I tend to either watch the ABC or SBS for some intelligent rational engaging programming. Or the internet, there's some ****ed up shit on there.
I gave rock n' roll to you

Daytime television can do my head in if I'm at home for any reason. It's just dross and some of it of seems to be taking advantage of people. Any soaps can annoy me if I have to watch them, the stories are unbelievable and once a year at Christmas everything goes wrong.
The Kardashian show needs to be banned from anyone watching. This family is the most fake people I have ever seen in my life. Also, the housewife shows, really?! it's stupifying that networks actually pay money for all these reality BS shows. I live in my cave and have very little to do with concerns outside of my family circle.
Those annoying shows where cunts go and view really expensive houses for £400,000 plus then scoff at the place because the 5th bedroom is too small or they only have 3 toilets.Place in the country i think its called.Yuppy ****ers.
Everything MTV does these days. I know you're asking for specific shows but really everything is awful.
Also don't watch much TV anymore but I've always hated Friends and Big Bang Theory. I just don't find either show remotely funny, I can only put it down to not being my kind of humour. Really don't get why everyone rates those shows so high personally
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