I'm not sure if I should be putting this here or in Guitar Gear & Accessories. It is technically a bass question, so I'm trying here.

I'm looking for a distortion (or overdrive, I'm not sure) pedal to give my bass a really hot, almost fake-sounding tone. Something that gives my bass a really electronic feel. I tried bass synths but they all seem like I should be playing funk or some sci-fi stuff, whereas I'm looking for more like this.

My budget is as cheap as possible (In other words, I don't have hundreds to drop on a pedal to make my bass sound like garbage ) I'd like to come out of this with just one pedal, but if I ABSOLUTELY need two then I'll get two.

My gear is a Squier P/J bass, A Fender Rumble 350 head, and a Fender Rumble 410 cabinet. I use picks because I'm an awful bassist. As an added bonus, if you find the right pedal for me, I'll love you forever and if I become super rich and famous because of this tone I'll look you up and write you a check for $3,000

P.S. Videos of the pedals in action would be greatly appreciated!

There is a cheaper model and a more expensive model. Tons of sounds and the ability to shape each one to your taste.

Edit this obviously shows the more synth side of the pedal but the acutal distortion and fuzz sounds you can get out of it are great too.
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I would recommend the Soundblox as well. Its really much more than just a distortion pedal but it does that very, very well. I own one and it gets quite a bit of use on my pedal board.
If you're dead set on looking for a cheap distortion/overdrive pedal, you can try looking into a Behringer BOD400. At $26.42 + free shipping in the States on Amazon.com

Here's are a couple links for more info:



Vid of some guy messing around with his