I've recently discovered a problem with my Epiphone Les Paul, when i plug in a cable out to my pedal/amp i lose either the distortion, or all the sound all together, but it only happens in a certain position.

I've tried the same cables with another guitar (Cort X-6 SM) and i have no problem, so I'm sure it's the Les Paul, but what is the problem, is it something to do with the pickups or is it just something wrong with the jack entry? Should I simlpy take it to my local guitar shop or can i fix it on my own, they charge loads and aren't very good.

Quick example, Heavy distortion and effects provided by a Vox Tonelab EX into a clean Peavy Vypyr 30, and every time I move or jig the cable around in the socket on the guitar, it goes clean/mute.

(Please don't fill the replies with 'oh get a better amp' ect.. i only use to amplify the Tonelab, so i get better sounds than a Vox VT)
Go to your local guitar shop. It's most likely the jack and will be very cheap to fix. Like £10/$15.

Does it crackle?
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A quick fix you can try before you take it to the shop for a repair.

1) Open up the socket and push the contact pin in. Make sure you don't push in too hard that it weakens too much or snaps. Just enough to tighten up.

2) Grab some contact cleaner, any hardware or electronics store should have this stuff and it's cheap and handy, and spray it directly onto your cable and push it in and out repeatedly.

If this doesn't work, take it to a repairer/guitar store to get it replaced.
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