So I'm looking for a new amp, a tube amp because I grew out my roland cube 30X.
So I would like to get some help here, I know y'all gonna say I need to play as many amps as possible, and pick the one you like the most... I will try as much amps as I can (within my budget ofc) but my local store hasn't got so many amps. So I can send my local store a mail, and ask them to order 2 amps in addition to the ones that are currently in the store, and then I can compare some.

So I mainly PLAY jazz/blues lead and rythm, love to play some oasis stuff and other rock too...
I mainly LISTEN britpop and alternative rock, like coldplay and dEUS, this is also the genre that I write music in.

So I need an amp that ofcourse suits the things I like to play, but I also want to use this amp for lead-guitar recordings and live-playing my own songs...

I am planning to build some pedalboard, so an overdrive/distortion is not a needed in the amp (also I never go past overdrive, I don't like distortion, a good boost or an overdrive is enough for me), just a decent reverb.

So I did some research, and thought the fender HotRod deluxe iii, may suit my needs, or maybe a vox AC15/30?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: forgot to say, I play a 62 fender telecaster MIJ
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HodRod amps are great for pedals, ya get that typical finder tone, but they do break up fast BUT...they are loud as @#$%! even on low that thing will piss people off! Eurotubes has a nice video on biasing them so they are easy in that regard with tubes...but ya, alot of people like em, the dirt channel is kinda crap but i'd imagine you can easily get an overdrive, or a dirt pedal to handle those sounds. AC30s are heavy as @#$%!
Yes, a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe would suit your needs perfectly.

Or an Ampeg GVT52-112, they're pretty similar. The Ampeg just has a more mid-heavy tone, and it doesn't get too bright or too harsh as an HRD can get sometimes.
Oh, and the spring reverb on the Ampeg is better than the one in the HRD, IMHO. The HRD's spring reverb sounds too "surfey" and "washey" for my taste, while the Ampeg sounds absolutely gorgeous.
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The HRD should suit you well, but check out a Deluxe Reverb as well, as you may prefer it for more of the jazzy, Oasis type sounds while giving a much nicer reverb to boot.