Ok so i've looked around for diagrams but i can't find any diagrams that are the same as this switch: (Invalid img)
or this is what it looks like:
6 2 3 7
4 1 5

I know for sure that the old pickups were in the 6, 2, 4 positions but i'm not sure what numbers each pickup goes to. This is in a sunn mustang guitar which is a strat copy i believe. I know i probably should of bought a new switch but i didn't want to rip everything out and then not know what wires go where.

I'm also wondering what wire solders into the volume pot and what wire goes to the switches on the new pickups: (Invalid img)
All three of the neck, middle and bridge pickups have the same colour wiring.

I'm new at this so yeah..

Any help much appreciated, thank you very much!


I wired the bridge to 6, neck to 2 and 4 to middle and it seems to work fine so i guess i did it right.
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My only thought is to grab a multimeter and see what spots are ground, and what lights up when u move the switch. That way you can map their positions.

Hmm, only seven solder points...
From the diagram i looked at, common strat wiring only uses seven solder points.
Maybe try this one?
All i can think of at the moment.
Hope you get it figured out.
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I've just seen a Sunn Mustang up for sale at £45, is it worth the trouble, Ive heard some good things about these guitars, that their a bit of a sleeper and a forgotten rough gem, any truth to that?