New Acoustic Treatment Day!

Background Story, feel free to skip:
Here's some background info: Two weeks ago, I moved from Brooklyn to Nashville (my job was transferred, per my request, and now I'm on Music Row!). Because cost of living is NUTS in New York, my girlfriend and I found that we can afford much nicer things in Nashville. We now have a two-bedroom apartment for the price of our (barely) one-bedroom in Brooklyn. Then, bless her heart, my girlfriend approved the second bedroom as a recording studio (it helps that she and I have a band, she's gonna use the studio as much as I do).

So I move all my stuff in, and the room sounds terrible. Duh. Now I have to mix our debut EP so we can get it mastered in time for the summer...and we're pretty broke after the move. I did my research, and found that I could build a handful of panels for super cheap (buying from a local insulation supplier in Nashville). That became plan A.

So, here's the part where the new stuff comes in...I went on Craigslist a few minutes before leaving my office to head to the insulation store (for DIY panels). I see a post from a guy selling 'eurolex panels' in the musical instrument section, posted 30 minutes ago. Nothing says 'good deal' like a product name spelled wrong! There were pictures, and in the pictures I saw basic wedges, but then I counted approx 6 LENRD bass traps. Those retail for $300/6 blocks. I called him and said I'd take 'em and be there in 30 minutes. Left work in the middle of the day, and got these:

10 LENRD bass traps, and about 18 2x4 panels. Want to guess how much I paid?

$100 cash.

I know Auralex isn't the best, but for that price I just couldn't pass it up. Right now the room sounds clear as day (more pics of that later today). Down the road, I'm going to build some nice panels, and at that point I can flip these for 3-4x what I paid for them.

Also, to ease my guilt, the guy admitted he knew what he had and what it was worth, but he is moving out of the country and had originally taken these panels from a studio he worked in before moving to Nashville. So I don't feel bad for running off with the steal of the year haha

Also, fun fact, my car sounded TERRIBLE on the drive home. It took every inch of space (except for rear visibility spots, I'm not an idiot) to squeeze in all of the panels (Subaru Outback wagon) and it hurt my ears to listen to music while driving.

Also, just because I can sneak it in here on-topic without having to put it in a sub-forum, here's a little cover song we recorded to bide time while mixing the EP of original music. It was tracked mostly ITB in Brooklyn, vocals were cut in the Nashville room: https://soundcloud.com/lavenderlane/sun-in-an-empty-room
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Very nice catch. And good car choice Subaru ftw (I drive an Impreza WRX)

Loooove the WRX! My dad had one for a few years, Japanese Turbo and all sorts of craziness. Good stuff! Technically 'my' Outback is my girlfriend's, but we share it.

Back on topic: just finished pinning up the last few pieces, my mixes are sounding soooo focused and clear. I use a lot of (tasteful) reverb, and I can hear them all very clearly. I bus everything to an IR room and track dry, to give a 'live room' impression, so mixing in a super dry room is making that very easy!
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Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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nice! tuned to your room?
Just curious, n0t being dicky, do you know how to calculate fundamental and critical frequencies as well as MFP and rt60? Coz if not i got some cool stuff to help with that.
EDIT: your probably do! (i just like talking about stuff i'm currently learning)
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