I am about to buy two cabs, both mesa boogies.

im getting the 2 x 10 and the 4 x 10. so essentially the 6x10 model.
the cabs are 8 ohms. i got them both for 600 total. pretty decent deal?

i have NO idea what to look for as far as what to power these bad boys. Hoping to get another good used deal. what specifications will be required to power these? any advice to someone stepping up from a 15w combo amp would be great.

ALSO, i just bought a american pbass. its everything ive dreamt it would be the last 8 years of playing my peavey milestone(:
Two 8-ohm cabinets will get you a 4-ohm draw on your amplifier (unless you are bi-amping or running them parallel, and not in series). So if you plan to use both of them at once, then you want to see how much power a particular amplifier cranks out at 4-ohms. If you are using only one cabinet, then see how mauch power that amplifier cranks out at 8-ohms. As long as the wattage in your cabinets is not greatly exceeded by the output of the amplifier at the various ohms ratings, then you are set.

Getting loudness and good tone out of cabinets involves more than sheer mathematics. You need to play an amplifier through your cabinets in order to determine if it sounds good and loud.
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You could go Tube/valves at 200 watts which will be both heavy and expensive or the option is to try the plethora of SS/switch mode amps around.
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Here is what i think i am going with!
im getting a euphonic audio (EA) iamp800.
it puts out 500w at 8 ohms, which is good for either my 2x10 or 4x10 alone,
and it does 800w at 4 ohms when i run both speakers.

can anyone see any problems i cant running this set up?

EDIT:: i was wrong about my cabs wattage earlier, they are both rated for 600w