There was another thread on another Forum that I frequent that got me thinking. My favourite guitar is the Gibson SG but my main gigging guitar I use is my Parker Fly.
I love playing my SG's they're so comfortable and I have no faults that I can think of when playing them but the Parker just has so much more versatility, sound/tone wise.
Anyone else have this with their favourite guitars?
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So you're asking if I actually play the guitar that I enjoy playing the most?

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I hate playing my PRS
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I think he's talking about playability vs versatility in a live setting. I kind of understand that, but I don't know that I'd own a guitar that didn't have both of those elements going on.
I use my Strat 90% of the time. Rolled fingerboard, 50s profile, thin nitro finish just waiting to be reliced... I don't think I'd ever need another guitar. But I have more.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

I use about 1/2 of my guitar collection live at one point or another. The others are either super heavy (aka not conducive to long sets) or beaters
Custom guitars, vintage amps, boutique pedals. Blah, blah, blah.
I have a good few guitars now but I only use two live because I can't get any more to the average gig. Just so happens that the two I use are my favourites though
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I very rarely use my Maton live, my band's sound has become too focused on what my Les Paul does and the Maton couldn't replicate those tones as well live. In the studio is a different thing though. I think it depends on what type of music you play and how much of a tone junkie you are. Once I've found what works for me live I don't usually tend to stray from that too much. All depends on the songs you're playing and what sound they need really. Those are my only two guitars now though. If I had more I'd try to fit them in a live setting if it worked but my Gibson is always going to be my workhorse
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My favourite guitar is a Strat, I have 3 of them along with an Ibanez Jem (which is a pointy Strat), so I'd say yes I do!

My Ibanez Jem now though has become a house guitar, I used it as my main live guitar for years but I worry about it getting stolen and to be quite frank It doesn't quite fit the style/image of my current band quite so well, so now I'm using a Strat as my live guitar too.
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my favorite guitars tend to be the ones that are versatile and dependable so...yeah

i do use other guitars occasionally but thats for specific needs and sounds
I use my LP for metal and my Jazzmaster for the rest. Pretty much.
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I don't. I love my Epiphone Joe Perry LP, but it's starting to show the typical signs of use and I don't want to risk further damage to it. It's not technically the best guitar I have, but it means much more to me than any of the others; too much to risk.
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I don't gig, so I have the luxury of playing what I want, when I want, on whatever guitar I choose.

Result: what guitar I use depends more on which tuning and whim than playing favorites.
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Yeah sorry, should've said I'm aiming this more at gigging rather than just home use. I do use my other guitars for home use and rehearsals but at gigs I get such a great sound out of the Fly that I can't seem to justify using the others.
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I have sold all of my expensive guitars. Because i didnt want to damage them. So i play my modded strat wich i played on for about 8 years now.
Nope; my favourite is an Epiphone SG that my girlfriend got me back in 2009. She died, and I want to keep it in prestige condition so I only play it at home or at friends' houses. I usually use a shitty Strat copy (can't even remember the brand, it cost me £50 for Christ's sakes) for jazz nights, which are the closest thing to gigs I play. Got a Tanglewood Rebek 4K bass yesterday though, which I do intend to take to jazz and jams once I'm a bit more familiar with it. Wider string spacing and the like are still ****ing with me as far as dynamics and I occasionally straight-up miss the string when I'm trying to fret.