So at the moment I'm looking at marketing a kind of multi-fx pedal, but with analogue parts. It's a single metal case with 3, 5 or 10 loops built into it with an input and output.
Now, this is nothing new, but I'm looking at selling "modules" for each loop. The modules are homemade clones (built on PCBs for the better known models, stripboard for lesser known/unavailable ones) all of a very high standard.
Other customization aspects would be a built in PSU. This could be either rechargeable or wall plug depending on preference.
Each module will come with a plastic cover, labeling the controls and what type of FX the module is for easy tweaking on the board. They would range from parametric EQ's and compression to delay, phaser, reverb, overdrive, fuzz and so on>

I'm not here to sell them, but I'd really like to know who'd be interested in a product like this and what they'd be willing to pay.

I will not contact you, this is just one small guy getting an idea off the ground.
Thanks very much for your time!
Pointless. Unless you want to control it digitally for presets and the like, 99% of players would prefer individual pedals. Plus it sounds like you're just using readily available layouts, which is usually looked down upon when you sell things for profit.
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I think it's a cool idea and I think it would beat using digital multi-fx at times, but then like it was said above, most people would just buy the individual pedals and mount them on a pedalboard.

However, I still think it's a good idea and if your pedals are up to scratch and sound good then it'd be worth at least doing a couple of tester products to see how it turns out
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It seems to me like a solution looking for a problem. That said, I've seen worse ideas take off.
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Shit I thought you meant modular layout of the board itself.

Like have it 24 inches but expandable by 6-12 inches and keeping the same PSU/config so people wouldn't have to buy a new pedal board every time they expand their pedal range.

I don't get the whole clone concept for profit. It doesn't really bring anything unique.
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Nice concept TS, except I think you already have a competitor doing something different. Deviever kick started a similar project about 9 months back I think. The concept wasn't exactly burning up the news. So I'd suggest you spend time and money elsewhere.
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Thanks very much for all the replies, they are a big help to me - I think I'll make a prototypical board/mockup and just see how it works, maybe work on improvements. At the end of the day they could be made-to-order so no money lost I guess.

Again, thank you all for your replies!