Three piece, Alt rock/Pop Rock, Fuzzy bass, chunky guitar chords, bombastic drums, harsh, sometimes pleasant vocals.

Jack (Bass/Vocals), Leo (Guitar) and Henry (Drums) are the next generation for the Irish music scene, already taking the North Coast by storm, playing beat up bars and dingy clubs, as well as rocking the Youth Music Awards in Dublin's Liberty Hall!

With manys a gig under their belt, racious stage presence, and their own spin on everybody's favourite songs (from the Who to the Beastie Boys) these three young lads are ready to take over the Emerald Isle and across the water.

Johnny Marvel Facebook Page We'd really appreciate a like and a listen, there's a wee bandcamp on the page with our first EP, BlissfulHatefullBeautiful. BHB is free to stream and download, so send it on and share with the world!

Thanks Ultimate Guitar!
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didn't like the first song that much, but I love Fabric Maverick and Mother Summer!

ps: love the bass

dzaeny (from Watch This!)