Hey guys I'm getting back into guitar and need some opinions on these guitars. I just want something fun to play and stays in tune my last guitar was a schecter omen 6 I want something that has a little more to offer so here's what I'm looking at.

Charvel dx-1fr

Jackson slsxmg

If anyone has owned one of these let me know what you think about them. I'm not looking to play in a band or play gigs it's really just a leisure hobby thing for me. I play mostly 80s metal some modern bit not much.
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Take the Jackson over the Charvel.
Charvel are good, but not that one. It's part of the Desolation series and they're known for being pretty bad in the quality control, I bought one once (the exact same model as you posted) and it was terrible!! Worst guitar I ever bought so I sent it right back.

As for Jackson, well I've had two of them for around 8 years or so and they're awesome guitars.
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Do you know what year yours were made?
I've read nothing but good on the desolation series. So I'm glad someone has played it. I live in the middle of nowhere now so I don't have a local music shop. That's the main reason I need some advice is because ill be shopping online. So I'm hoping with some research and the forums I can make a good decision the first time. Thanks for the reply!

Also I'm open to recommendations. my my budget for guitar is 700 or close to that but don't want to spend too much. I just want something I will enjoy playing.
Well i bought it new in 2012 so i would assume it was built not long before then as I don't think that line has been around very long. The QC is hit and miss, I hear about the odd good one but I've read many more tails of bad ones.

This is an example of a bad one (the one I sent back)









On top of all that's in the pictures it also had problems with the selector switch, where most of the time it wouldn't produce any sound when selecting the neck pickup.

As for alternative recommendations take a look at some LTDs, they're really quite fine guitars! The 300 and 400 series are going to be well within your budget and are great guitars.

Also check out some Schecters, and if you can find one the Michael Kelly Hex Deluxes are beyond belief in quality. I picked one up recently at a jaw droppingly low price and after a full set up (and swapping the trem for a german made one) it actually plays better than my £1800 ESP!!!
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Wow thanks a lot man that is very detailed! I would be very disappointed if spent the money and recieved that from charvel ill look into those guitars you mentioned. I really liked my old schecter so maybe one of those will suit me well. I want a thin neck low action bad ass guitar that I will enjoy playing and not have to tune every time.