Had a nasty peel, too hasty - wanting to get the wetsanding done so i can clear coat. Using Duplicolor Perfect Match, Acrylic Lacquer


IIRC, lacquer softens and melts into itself? (the cause of the peel?)

I want to get the finish back to it's original state, can anyone confirm that lacquer does so? Melt into itself?

Thanks a ton, built was going flawlessly until I made this impulsive decision
Nitro lacquer remelts. Poly and acrylics do not.

Being too hasty to wet sand is one likely culprit but if the paint lifted off in big chunks like in your pic it also indicates you didnt prepare the surface beneath sufficiently (so there wasn't a strong bond between the old and new finish), or it wasn't completely clean (even small fingerprints can cause this), you applied the paint too thick in one pass or you layed incompatible chemical composition paint over the original finish and didn't do a prime first.

Even on the edges of the wound I can still see the new paint is lifting away from the body.

What is the paint beneath?

To me it looks like that requires a strip and repaint....
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