(Just made this on the spot, been thinking of adding on as it's an unfinished story. But feedback on what I got so far is appreciated.)

Acid Rain

Evil spots, lines and colors
Outside the windowpane of my eyes, they hover
Gone is fear for another
Transmission-crushing chemical

Oh the cut flour’s wonders
Brings me up as I watch my own ego plunder
Block off one more night’s slumber
For sleep can wait another day

Wrists decay with obsession
Hospitals, wise men, friends of past can’t teach lessons
Acid rain I’m left blessed in
Summon nature to self-destruct

Some of us will implode
Some of us will explode
Some of us are left in our cars, or the street, with no identity

Some of us die of age
Many of our own rage
Yet all glow similarity, forgotten in the end’s salvation

Mother caught me breaking in
The sentry safe, to find her focus medicine
She rose to her failure kin
And a few times more, just for kicks

Clock speaks four in the morning
Pacing in mania as fate’s face bears scorning
Creases of life’s adjourning
We’ve all been born into the end