So it's been a few years since I have written a song - new job, new relationship, travel, new home, new dog, everything got in the way of music, but I have finally found the time to get back in to it
After such a long time, I cannot seem to make any lyrics just work. It's like all my creativity just vanished into the ether. But I finally managed to make a short little piece which I have written piano to and a bassline and working on some basic guitar chords at the moment. The song is for my partner who managed to unknowingly get me back on track and in a much happier place. Obviously I want it to be perfect. I'm recording it (just basic recording on my laptop with just the guitar to go now) to have it ready for our anniversary as a little present.
What do you guys think?

"Forever, Give My Heart"

Hold me,
I've found my way home finally
Hide me,
I'm exactly where I need to be
And I'll stay,
As long as you will stay
We can let
Forever, play it's part
Forever, it can start

Forever, give my heart
Forever, give my heart
Forever, give my heart