Yes yes it is, atleast thats how i think it is, it really depends on the music you are trying to make but in 90% of songs they are important. the 10% is scremo, modern pop and rap and such.

How i make my lyrics is simple. Yust dont rush it
When i get a idea (suddeny not really thinking much or trying to find inspiration, just playin some games and such and bam, idea)
When i get a idea, i write it down, do something with it, simply be creative. You can look up to some good songwriters for guidance and inspiration. My personal fav is MJK of Tool
and then when you kinda run out of ideas, just stop. and get back to it later
it rare to make lyrics out of one take, its actualy just a idea you polish over and over again.
And also try to get te same number of sylabbles in each line.

And thats basicly it
Lyrics are created from the author's feelings. When emotions are a popular surge of hope that the author will write back and edit a post to complete. Naturally lyrics in songs and important because it is the author's own mind.
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the 10% is scremo, modern pop and rap and such.

"Modern pop" isn't a genre, it refers to modern music that is popular. There's a lot of crap music floating about with no substance but there's also a lot of good stuff if you open your mind a bit.
I'm assuming the only rappers you're thinking of are Lil Wayne and other idiots like him who rhyme "nigga" with "nigga". Again, open your mind and you'll find a lot of good rap music with meaningful lyrics.

Lyrics are crucial in making a good song. Nice melodies will get most people's attention but if you're just singing about a trip to the shops you won't keep their attention very long.