Hi all,

I want to use the volume knob on my guitar to change from a cleaner sound to a distorted sound, I've got the Vox Satchurator so that does the job kind of nicely. But I realized that the volume change is too much, the clean sound is too quiet and the dirty sound is too loud, how should I set my compressor (on BOSS ME70 actually) in order to even out the loudness levels?

First you ditch the compressor.

Then you adjust the volume on each patch or setting so that the volume is the same for your cleans and dirt.
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If you're going to only use your guitar's output control to change your tone then you need to have a very specific amp set up and tone. Most modern rigs don't work in a way that really supports this style of control.

What you basically need is a single channel valve amp which is inherently fairly low-gain by modern standards. Set the preamp gain quite low and set the master volume very high. Use very high output pickups. This allows you to get moderate classic rock distortion with enough room to roll back the control on your guitar and get a clean sound; the volume of both tones stays more or less the same thanks to the power amp compression.

If you want a distorted sound with more preamp gain then you lose how far you can clean up the sound; most modern distorted tones can't be cleaned up, no matter the guitar, because they use so much preamp gain.
If you can't crank the power amp up fully then you will notice a greater change in volume between tones.
If you are using a solid state amp then it simply won't react to being driven in the same way and the power section won't compress the volume. You'll find the tone jumps from very quiet and totally clean to suddenly very distorted and very loud.
If you're using modelling then you'll likely find your guitar's control has no particular effect on the tone unless you roll it all the way down, which isn't too useful.

A compressor doesn't really help in these situations becuase it would have to be so strong to even out the volume it would also be boosting up every tiny bit of background noise and completely squash all dynamics, making you sound like you're playing a keyboard with an electric guitar patch on.
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