Hi, I built a Green Russian Big Muff a while ago and after working perfectly for months, it suddenly broke down a while ago. I haven't had the time to repair it yet, but I'm thinking of replacing it with a 'professional' pedal. Before it broke down, I used to use it a lot and I can imagine using it live - therefore I would prefer a more solid alternative that doesn't just break down.
So anyway, I noticed the Bass Big Muff. Is it true that it's essentialy the same as the Green Russian? I know there's stuff like the EQD Hoof but I don't have the money for something expensive like that right now.
Not really. The Bass Big Muff keeps its low end in a similar fashion to the Russian Muffs but it really doesn't sound that much like them, especially on guitar.
Just buy a used russian muff
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Here's a little secret, the early Black Russian Muffs that are in a bigger enclosure and don't have the ac adapter are the same as the Green ones, and go for about half the price.

So if you can get one of those, you'd be set.
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Some of the black ones are the same. Not all of the them.

Like I said, the bigger ones:

The one on the right is the same as the Green Sovtek Muffs. The one in the center and the one on the left are not. They're slightly different.

The difference is detailed on this page:

Honestly though, even the smaller Black Russians are good pedals. The difference is pretty small.
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As an owner of the green russian and the bass big muff, there is a difference in the two. the bass muff doesn't really get it. get's close but not quite there. I also second the large black russian if you can get it.
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There's lots of variation in the Green Muffs, FWIW. I've played a few and they didn't all sound exactly alike.

That's true, the low end especially changes from one to the other.

Although that's the story for most every vintage big muff. The op-amp and 80s transistor versions were pretty consistent from unit to unit, but the rest often varied greatly. Ram's head versions especially were notorious for two example sounding completely different from each other.
check out the black arts toneworks pharaoh. You can trim the treb and the bass spearately as well as choose the clipping etc so you can dial in your perfect muff tone and get heaps of others besides
You could also try a Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz or Way Huge Big Muff. Those were both based on Russian Muffs.