It's a Dunlop brass No222 ring size 9
I was intending to use it on my ring finger at first but it doesn't quite fit, only goes as far as the middle knuckle of my finger, I probably could force it fully on but it may get stuck. It does fit on my pinkie though but seems loose
Is it a good idea to use it on my ring finger but not all the way(is this common practice) or should I use it on my pinkie even though it's a little bit loose,
I was thinking of buying another slide but the next size up to fit my ring finger

I'm brand new to slide playing so any advice would be great, im looking forward to jamming with this new technique
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Try using it on your ring finger; that way you have fingers on both sides to mute with and also at least one finger on both sides of the slide to fret with.
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I apologize, I meant my ring finger, I've amended my post, thanks for responding
Opinions, like techniques, vary a lot. Feel free to experiment. I wear mine on the pinkie, and use my index to damp.
I have virtually no finger independence between pinkie and ring fingers, so if I were to wear the slide on a ring finger the pinkie wouldn't bend anyway.... Thus essentially useless.

Some players use shorter slides which allow more finger flexibility, I believe you can see Skip James using this technique in a couple of YouTube videos.
Some fret strings behind the slide... Sonny Landreth makes good use of this technique.

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