So, long story short, I have been trying for months to find people to form a band. Problem is I cannot find anybody who shares my taste in music. I've put up ads at guitar shops, messaged people on bandmix, etc. There aren't hardly any shows near me that play my style of music, so I can't just hang out at gigs.

Is it ridiculous to think I could record a demo on my own and present this to record companies? I think the songs I've written are excellent (I realize everybody thinks this about their own songs), and hopefully if a decision maker hears them they would be willing to supply studio musicians to record an album. My voice is not great, but I can play the bass and guitar parts. I can use garageband or a similar program to add the drums and mix the demo. Obviously, it would still sound very rough, though.

I'm honestly very frustrated, and this is the only option I can think of to get my songs out there. Is this insane? Thanks in advance.
The recording part can be done really easily (with a lot of practice). Go to the recordings forum & read the Interfaces sticky to find out about all the kit you'll need. The guys in that forum can also provide loads of advice about how to get the best out of your equipment - there are even a few pro's in there. Any instruments you don't play can easily be created using software and if done well, you won't be able to tell the difference between that and a genuine recording.

Learning to get your recordings sounding professional will take time though, if you wanted to do it quicker you'd probably be better off hiring a studio to create your final mix.

Using it to get a record deal though....yeah, good luck with that. You'd stand as much chance as everybody else.

If nothing else, you'd be able to create an album you could release independently.
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There is probably an issue with your ad. Could you give us a link to your ad?

And yes, walking in off the street and asking anyone to give you money for no particular reason is not a good plan.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Making a band can be difficult if you want to play an unusual genre. I have noticed that some people include links to their music on youtube or soundcloud in their online musicians ads. I've never actually done that so I don't know if it works or not, but it seems like a good idea to me. If people can hear your playing and like it, I think they would be more interested in making a band with you.

But like AlanHB said, there's probably something wrong with your ad, so give us a link to it or copy and paste it here. From the ads I've seen, about 90% are missing important information or have other issues that put people off replying.
I have no idea what genre you play, however, I will say that it's unlikely a record label with the power to finance an album for a solo musician would be interested in an unusual, or niche genre of music, as you won't be touring, so you would make barely any money. Record labels are businesses, they're in it for money at the end of the day, if it's unlikely that they'll get it back, they won't bother. The thing is, unless you play a new experimental Musique Concrete Jazz Polka Grind style of music, there are bands doing what you're doing, and, chances are, the labels you target will have full bands in a similar genre of music sending them labels, as an unestablished solo act, I dare say you haven't a hope in hell, sadly, though I'm sure there are musicians around, depending on your genre.

I honestly think that if you want to make your music, you should self finance or home record this album, if no one around you wants to help make it, it's most likely your only option.
Advert seems fine. Your idea of getting a record deal is absurd though. Think of it like a businessman, why would anyone invest in your product, when you can't even get anyone to join your band and you haven't been out gigging and entertaining crowds and showing that there is a market for you and your music. No one cares if your songs are amazing, they only care if they are sellable (generally speaking, the briliant stuff doesnt sell)
A home made demo by a single artist done in garageband is going to get played for about as long as it takes to reach the stop button. If you believe in your own demo, save up the money and pay for studio musicians to play it, and hire a studio who can produce, mix and master it. If you are not willing to invest the money yourself. why would you expect anyone else to do so?
Don't be afraid of putting your music up somewhere, you need to spread your music and name as much as possible. It's not like your amount of ideas are limited so who cares if anyone steals it, you'll make more. Just make your demo or two in garageband, diy it all if needed, push it online everywhere, make cds and hand them out at local bars once you have someone to play along with you, get a few gigs, and THEN start thinking of studio time to produce a demo which just might get you a recrd deal, and if not, try publishing it on bandcamp.
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Oh, and if you actually want to make some money, its simple. Forget your songs. Learn to do really good covers of those artists you mentioned. You'll pick up some gigs doing weddings and after-ski parties or pub live music nights. It's money. If you have dreams of being an Artist, forget the record deal and the cash.
You'll find musicians eventually, you just need to be persistent. And sorry to say, your idea about a record deal is lunacy, for the reasons posted above, not to mention that most record labels will not listen to unsolicited material. You'd be more efficient just burning the money you spent on blank CDs and postage.
record labels don't give you money for nothing. they want people who will make them money, so you have to prove to them you have what it takes to stick with the job, get it done, and that it appeals to people.

when you're ready to be on a label, they'll approach you. until then, ignore that they exist and focus on finding like-minded musicians, learning to gig, learning to market, learning the DIY (or at least self-funded) experience inside and out.

best case scenario? a big label recognizes you and helps market you. worst case scenario? you make 100% profit and aren't under the heel of a boss.
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So, that's the ad. I should add that I have had a couple people contact me in response to the ad, but when I talk to them it turns out they play a totally different style and we don't share any of the same influences, which is frustrating. What do you think the major problems are with the ad?

I don't like the influences section, or your silly attachment to it.

You are putting this ad up, people are contacting you, and you are turning them away on the basis of your opinion of what you think they might be like on music that doesn't exist yet. Pretty stupid dude. You should at least play with them first.

As said above, make recordings of your songs and put them online with a link in your ad if you want to make ultra sure they like your music.

But right now you are complaining that nobody will play with you whilst you are turning them away.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
The genre you want to play is pretty common, it shouldn't be all that difficult to make a band, however, trying to put a band together is always going to be difficult unless you already know a lot of other musicians. Seeing as your a bassist, it should be pretty easy to join a band. There aren't really any advantages of making your own band over joining a band if you're just looking for musicians on the internet. If anything, you will actually have more choice in joining a band because you can audition for several bands. If you find everyone on the internet your likely to get a whole lot of average to bad musicians who don't know any other musicians (that's why they're looking on the internet!) and you'll have a lot less choice. Think about it this way... I expect you've had a lot of guitarists apply to you ad, but how many drummers and vocalists have you found? Probably not very many. Well if you were to audition for three bands, you would have a choice of at least 3 vocalists and drummers and guitarists. Also, they're more likely to be reliable because they're already in a band, and you get to hear what they sound like before you join. Just make sure you tell them that you want to contribute to song-writing.

But if you really want to persist in making a band, there are a few things that I think could be done to improve your ad, and would still apply if you changed your ad to "bassist looking to join a band":

1: How big is "outside Atlanta"? I'm not American so I don't know but it sounds like a pretty big area. You might want to narrow it down to places your actually willing to travel to.

2. Say something about your equipment. For all I know your only playing with a bass starter pack. Just add something like "I have decent gear"

3. For most people making a band age is an issue. Unless your happy to play with guys in their 40s, say your looking for people in a certain age group.

4. Say something about having transport and also that you expect others to have transport as well.

5. I would consider getting removing this: 'I’m more of a songwriter than a master bassist, and I already have several songs written. However, creative contributions are definitely welcome.' and replacing it with something like 'I'm a good bass player and competent song writer and I'm looking to make an originals band'. Maybe add something about how long you've been playing as well.

6. I don't see any point in the first multiple choice thing. It doesn't really convince me that your a serious musician. I think you would be better off removing that and adding more of a description about the sort of musicians your looking for ie. I'm looking for a vocalist with a decent range, a competent drummer, a rhythm guitarist and a lead guitarist who can play solos and improvise.
Well the record deal aint gonna happen like this, so you can pretty much forget about that.

But let me get this straight, you are turning away people because they are influenced by something else than ACDC and Mötorhead? Pretty stupid if you ask me, they might be great players and awesome band members, and it never hurts to expand your musical taste. I played in a ska band, punk band and am currently in a death metal band, and i never listened to any of those geners. If nothing else, you will get experience about how it is to play with other people, maybe hear of a new band that you like, and mostly have fun. And differently influenced people make better music. If you get 5 guys who all love AC/DC, you will just end up with a bad ACDC clone.

Also, as someone mentioned before, get rid of this part:
"I’m more of a songwriter than a master bassist, and I already have several songs written. However, creative contributions are definitely welcome."

It makes it sound like you don't know how to play and are trying to cover it up with "im a songwriter".
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Just to throw something out there that hasn't been mentioned:

The wording of the ad sounds like you want to form a band around you.

What about joining someone else's band who needs a bass player?

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