Im looking for a versatile amp (From Jesus culture to maybe some Vai) or a tone like [forbidden link] but my budge is small like 400 -500 max I have a Boss Gt-8 which I would like the amp to be good with. I would Play in church so I need power so I can be heard clearly over a Band. I would Use It for home practice.

Here's a small list of amps i have considered:
Fender Mustang iii V2
Peavey Vypyr
Peavey Bandit
Fender HRD

Any Ideas?!?
ps.Any Reviews On Chaverl Traditional (One I found Has a Seymour Duncan Jb & Jazz)
For the options you've considered I'd choose the vypyr. Versatile enough for your needs. But then the GT8 would be kinda unnecessary
Maybe throw 150 more and start thinking on a tube low wattage amp where you can put your multieffects thru the fx loop