I'm having problems keeping the sound i produce from playing with my nails consistent.
Is this a problem i just have to deal with or is it something to do with the daily changes in the condition of my nails?
It's really hard to improve when some days i can't stand the way i sound.

It seems like softening them in hot water seems to help but I'm not sure if this isn't some sort of placebo effect.

Do you lot sound consistent from day to day?
arent there acryl nails or fingerstyled "picks" you could use?
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Or could it be the strength that you are picking the strings isn't constant enough to produce a constant sound?
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Quote by CricketBat
...[ ]..It seems like softening them in hot water seems to help but I'm not sure if this isn't some sort of placebo effect....[ ]...

Hot water really does soften the callouses on your fingers temporarily, and I would venture a guess your nails as well.

Which brings me to to question, if you like the sound more when your nails are ostensibly softer, perhaps you like the sound of picking with the flesh of your fingers better than the sound of fingernails.

The easy route there is to simply crop your nails close, and allow the fingers on your picking hand to develop callouses also.

If you're dealing with steel string acoustics and want the sound of fingernails, you're almost going to be forced into some sort of fake nail or coating the nails with crazy glue solution, because steel strings seem to almost double as a pair of fingernail clippers, albeit a rather reckless and uncontrollable pair.
I play steel-string with nails... Keeping them in pretty much the same way that classical guitar players do. Just enough nail so that a combination of nail and flesh produces a clear tone.
There is a very fine line between "just right" and "too long" and "not long enough"....

And... I don't play hours-long gigs. If I did, undoubtedly I'd have to change to fingerpicks or phony nails or something....
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Ive obsessed ove nail shape for years like most classical players. These days i have acrylics which are pretty much indestructible, but they definitely do not sound as good as real nail.
The main thing that overrides anything about nail shape tho is getting a consistent technique.
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Play your way thru them. Dont try to do them all at once, just start at the start and spend some dedicated time getting one or two really smooth. Then the next day, warm up on those and then smooth out a few more. Eventually you will be able to play all 120 excercises in one stitting. Once you do that, keep working on relaxing your hand and crank up the speed. If your right hand is relaxed then the sky is the limit in terms of speed, consistency and above all - expressiveness.