Just curious to see how you guys write your music, what has or hasn't worked for you?

Lyrics then chords or chord progressions then writing lyrics over that.

Plus what order do you guys usually record other instruments (bass, drums etc) on a track?
Either or really. I have a bunch of riffs I have in a binder that I have stored away, same for lyrics or lines. If I'm ever stuck I'll go back through for some inspiration of snag a riff or line or two.

As for recording. I'm a scratch track person, that's where you record the band playing as a whole, then you can record individual parts to that. A lot of people have problems playing to just a click track with no reference.
It varies. I write the part that comes to me. Lyrics are the only part that I can "try" to write. Everything else just either comes to me or it doesn't.
It all depends. Sometimes it starts with a melody or a riff, other times it's just a few lines that get the juices going.
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I just start with a riff, write as much as I can around that riff then see if I could add/take things away yano, if somethings too long or I feel an extra section can be added musically.

Lyrics are always last with me. I struggle writing lyrics though I have wrote one or two riffs based on a vocal melody I thought of a few times.
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