So a little while ago I attempted to install some new pickups in one of my guitars. I put a SD 59 in the neck and a SD JB in the bridge, but being a dumbass and using plumbing solder, I made a mess and got way too much solder on my volume pot and took it in to a music shop for repairs. The guy at guitar center took forever to fix it and raped me on the price, but I got the wiring fixed and a new volume pot and pickup switch installed. Since it's been repaired I haven't been fully satisfied with it and I couldn't put my finger on it until yesterday. I know the 59 is not as hot of a pickup as the JD and is supposed to sound cleaner and thinner, but I it way quiet in comparison. Like I have to have my 59 almost touching my strings and the JB as low into the body as it will go to get them to sound closer in volume, but still its such a huge drop.

I was practicing yesterday and I accidentally dropped my guitar on my couch and it hit the body under the pickups right by the output jack and when I went to play it to make sure everything was ok, the whole guitar was way louder. Like both pickups were almost the same volume (if not the same) and the whole output from the instrument was a little louder. Its like between the two pickups, there is only a difference in tone now instead of that huge gap in volume. So I continued playing it because I was finally happy that after a year or so I finally got that guitar sounding awesome and after I switched to my bridge pickup, the output dropped after a few seconds and then there was that huge gap in volume between the two pickups. I've noticed if I hit it pretty hard with my palm by the pickups and the output jack the guitar will sometimes bounce back to sounding good and sometimes when playing it now randomly switches to being quiet to sound full and proper.

I havnt tried a different amp cable and I ill check my amp right now with another guitar, but I'm almost 100% positive it has to do with my pickups' wiring. I mean, if one of my pickups was shot it wouldn't affect the volume of another pickup right? That wouldn't make sense. I briefly looked at the wiring but am not sure what went wrong here. Would anyone happen to know what the cause of this may be? Could it be connections to the volume pot? Id really appreciate any help or advice on the subject. Thank you.
Sounds like a bad/cracked solder joint
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