hey guys I recently decided to sell my Gibson les paul studio.. I really dont have a clue what to price it at considering I had guitarcenter modify it a little bit.. I have a gibson les paul studio (wood natural finish) I put 2 seymour duncan hot rodded pickups in and also made it have push and pull knobs (for different sounds).. I was wondering what price you guys would sell this guitar for.. Thanks very much
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Usually the best way to estimate a guitars resale value is to search ebay for completed listings of similar guitars.

Upgrading a guitars pickups does not raise it's value. If anything, it is more likely to sell for slightly less as a majority of people will want the original setup.

Do you have the original pickups still? To maximise your income from selling the guitar you should have the originals reinstalled and sell the Seymour Duncans separately.
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