Hello everyone, yes I've asked this question before. But I didn't explain my situation very well and didn't do too much experimenting. So now I've done some testing and tinkering and came up with this.

My problem is, I record a guitar line out into my M-Audio FastTrack Pro. I always make sure my guitar level on the interface is around 9 o'Clock and the levels on my DAW is about 8-12 percent.

I play to a click track, and my software "Pro Tools", picks up the click. Headphones or monitors. I have no Idea why it picks up my output. So I decided to check if maybe my guitar pickup was picking up the frequency, but I recorded my guitar unplugged with the click, and still heard the annoying metronome.

So I decided to plug my monitors into my computer's soundcard and have my guitars monitor seperate speakers. I noticed no click track bleed at all. Maybe I sound very dumb for asking this, but why does my computer pick up the sound of my output noises? Even if their is no speaker monitoring, it picks up the sounds from my headphone.

This problem is getting very annoying, because I enjoy listening to my guitar through monitors, so I can hear what the tone will sound like in the mix.
By guitar line out do you mean DI or from an amp line out? i.e. is your signal chain Guitar > Fast Track > Pro Tools, or Guitar > Amp > Fast Track > Pro Tools ? because if it's the second and the click is coming from the amp not PT then that would explain it.
Yes of course I turn off the click track once I'm done recording a part.
Guitar > Fast Track > Pro Tools