Hey guys I sold a pedal on ebay and well the buyer says the pedal is faulty. He says that the bypass doesn’t work and the circuit board is moving when you engage the pedal. Everything was working fine when the pedal was with me.

For the bypass issue: since it’s a buffered bypass when the battery is low it shouldn’t allow for the signal to pass, right?

As for the circuit board is it normal for it to move?

I honestly didn’t have any problems with it so I’m wondering if the pedal is really faulty or is the buyer just being picky. I messaged him asking more questions but so far he hasn’t responded.
The board should not move. EVER.
The signal can still pass in a buffered bypass when the battery is low depending on the buffer itself, but it may sound crappy (dirty).
Things usually start getting funky when the battery gets below 8.5 volts (again, depending on the circuit).

If the circuit board is moving, there is a chance that some wires have broken and are no longer making a connection.
These loose or broken wires can also short things out, making it no longer working.