I played these 3 wonderful guitars today. Out of the 3, which one is the best for Any sort of Rock style? I played all 3 cranked through a Vox AC15 and I have a budget in which I can only purchase one. I love the P90 on the Junior, I love the resonance of the Electromatic, and I love the design of the Pawn shop (No selector switch, but a Blend Knob for mixing 2 Humbuckers. Rad). What will be Ideal for me? I know I should be making the decision, but
I'm torn.

Fender 72 - $700 used
Les Paul Junior - $600
Gretsch 5120 - $850
Whatever one you liked more.
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Well, no one can really answer this question but you, but I have thoughts:

1) That Pawn Shop is overpriced. They're $800 new from MF, without a coupon code.
2) LP Junior has only one pickup, which is great if you already know that's all you'll need; not so great if you're looking for versatility, or if you're unsure that that's all you want out of it.
3) 5120 can be had used for much less. It's also a hollow body, and will feedback with relatively high gain. I owned and sold one because the pickups were muddy and the upper fret access sucked.

In short, at those prices, for versatility, for what I've already mentioned, I'd keep looking.
In the meantime, follow the thread at the top of the forum that lays out what we need to know from you to better assist.

Also, look at Reverend: http://www.reverendguitars.com/category/guitar/

They're in your range, and I just got a Warhawk II HB - it's a rock machine.
Which did you enjoy the most?
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There all very different... What guitars do you have now?
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