So i just entered this Hard rock/Heavy Metal cover band,

we play covers from various bands going from ozzy osbourne all the way to Velvet revolver, Deep purple, STP, Def Leppard, ZZ top etc.

Heres an example of what we play:

i used to be your usual metal rythm guitarrist playin metallica, megadet and so.
Being that the case I bought an LTD Ex-50 (i was just starting) now that im in this band everything is becoming more professional and i need to upgrade to a better guitar for gigging

im looking for something new around 800 to 900 bucks to play rythm guitar in all that kind of songs

since my Ex its such a good guitar i turned to ESP for my next guitar i was thinking something like this:

LTD - EC 1000

but im not sure on what to choose, what do you think?

(by the way im playing on a randall RH 120)
I've seen cheap $300 guitars sound great, and I've seen $1400 guitars sound crappy because people can't play.

I don't really see why you should drop that much money on a new guitar if the current works so well, get some EMG 81/60s dropped in and it will sound damn close to the EC 1000.
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I don't know your amp well, but the best option for improving your sound via upgrades is usually to buy a new amp.

That said, that guitar should be well suited to the task. Other makers who offer good options in your price range include (but are not limited to) DBZ, Dean, Fernandes, and Ibanez.
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I'd buy a HSS strat to cover most of the bands. Which brand? It doesn't matter really, just what feels best to you, but Fender is not out of the option. Getinng a Fender MIM HSS strat would leave you some money for amplifier upgrades. If you go used, you could easily get both. Other brands that I'd definitely look at are Jackson, Charvel and Fernandes, as mentioned above.

Edit: Just remembered, you could also look at ESP strats of course.
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Just thinking, you could save yourself a bit of money by buying the EC401VB not the EC1000VB.

Also, nice to see people suggesting Charvel, DBZ and Fernandes. A Fender MIM HSS would cover all bases (as they do) but it would be a bit vanilla.

I'd get either a Charvel San Dimas or a Fernandes Ravelle most probably. The ESP LTD's are so damn good though!

If you look to only use part of your budget to improve the guitar (I would advise against just putting EMGs in your EX50) then you could likely get a smaller tube amp as well. A Jet City for example, or 2nd hand Marshall DSL etc

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I got a Fernandes Ravelle October 2012- love that guitar!

They have others I'd buy, too. The Dragonfly looks like a nice hardtail.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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I've heard great things about Agile guitars, and was tempted to buy one until I found out they don't offer warranty outside the US. So if you buy a lemon, suck it up baby.

+1 on looking at a Charvel / Fernandes

-1 on putting EMGs in an entry level guitar. I've no doubt the EX series is great, and I love the shape, still when you've outgrown something then move on. Great to see you stuck with it for so long tho. I see so many young guitarists here who accumulate a large collection in their first few years, seemingly often before they're mature enough to discern what makes a good guitar and what makes a guitar good to them.
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