So I've got my infamous Gibson Firebird V and have put an aged looking pup switch cap on it and have switched out the black knobs\chrome reflectors with a set of Proline gold knobs\chrome reflectors. However, I've noticed many of the vintage '60s (early to mid) Firebirds, both reverse and obverse, have gold knobs with gold reflectors. I've seen vintage Firebirds of both designs with both chrome and gold reflectors in a gold knob design.

I was on Gibson's website and saw where they have an historic section for various parts including gold knobs with gold reflectors. They also have three Gibson Custom Shop 1964 Firebirds (III, V, VII) that have the gold knobs with chrome reflectors. I've got a standard 2013 Firebird V 2010 model in vintage sunburst.

The point of this post is that I would like to put knobs on it that would be most period correct for a reverse Firebird of the early 60s era. Would this be a combination of gold with chrome reflectors or gold with gold reflectors? Or does is just come down to personal preference since there appears to be both knob variations on Firebirds from the 1960s?

Also, do the genuine Gibson knobs fit the pot spindles better than third-party reproduction knobs? I've found the Proline knobs sit slightly higher than the original knobs that came on the guitar.

Thanks in advance!