Hey guys,

I'm looking for a distortion pedal that gives a rather punchy tone (to do palm muting metal riff) harmonic contents, wide presence level, with some high dynamic feels and lots of gain.

Currently I have a Way Huge Fat Sandwich distortion pedal, which is amazing, I love it, fat distortion, rich harmonic contents. However, there's too much of bottom end and there's almost no punchiness when I do palm-muting riffs even though the presence and tone knobs are all the way up. I tried to use my 10-band EQ pedal to reduce the low range and increase the presence a bit, but it ended up sounding like a nasally thin sort of fuzz sound, and also doing that reduced the harmonic contents of the tone, if that makes any sense.

I also have the Marshall GV2 Guv'nor plus, very punchy and dynamic distortion. The amount of gain of this distortion pedal is fairly high, but I would like the harmonic level to be higher with some more gain.

If anyone knows of a pedal that gives a tone I'm looking for, or of a solution to my problem, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
I seem to be suggesting this a lot lately, but maybe a Wampler Triple Wreck?
I second the Wampler. I also would have recommended the Marshall GV2, but you've already got that.

The blackstar pedals aren't terrible. maybe try something like this?

and a cheap pedal to try is the Digitech Grunge. yeah, it's $40, but that thing has two gain stages and does get some raunchy metal tones if you set it right. at $40, you don't really have anything to lose. Also has a great harmonic range. I own one of these little guys and while it's not my main distortion, it is on my pedal board, and I do switch to it rather often. worth a shot.
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And your amp is?
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Randall recently released a RG13 pedal. Well, actually its more like amp-in-a-box because it also contains 1w poweramp that you can connect to a cab for home playing, but it also has output to work as pedal. Based on RG100ES, a famous SS metal amp so I doubt the punchy sound is going to be a problem.

Problem is, its quite expensive. 100$ more and you can get actual RG1503 head the pedal is shrunk from...

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